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CTF(x) 2016 - Harambe Hub (Web)

3 minute read

Use of String.match as opposed to String.equals in Java allows an attacker to recover sensitive input such as an admin username character by character with r...

CTF(x) 2016 - Dat Boinary (Binary)

1 minute read

Off-by-one error allows overwrite of a null byte that allows for a struct to be completely filled with non-null bytes which tricks strlen into returning a la...

CTF(x) 2016 - Custom Auth (Crypto)

less than 1 minute read

A cookie using ECB mode encryption allows an attacker to forge admin privileges by rearranging encrypted blocks for decryption.

X-CTF 2016 - The Snek (Web)

6 minute read

PHP local file inclusion vulnerability leads to source code disclosure revealing python code vulnerable to a hash extension attack allowing an attacker to fa...