Summary: Provide an image that satisfies an image classifier to obtain the flag.

Emmel Challenge Description


Investigators have found a curious login page on a server belonging to COViD. Can you get past the login screen?

Login Page (

Visiting the login page shows us a file prompt for a JPG image and the question ‘What is my favorite thing?’.

Login Prompt

Attempting this random image of a dickbutt that I had lying around on my hard drive gives us a message but does not log us in.


However, the message appears promising: ‘Error, you must get 50% or higher! Similarity: 30.75%’. This implies that we are dealing with an image classifier and we have to submit an image that passes the threshold for identification.

Not similar enough to log in

Since the similarity value is pretty decent for the initial random image, another dickbutt image is attempted:


This time, the image is similar enough and logs us in, granting us the flag:

Dickbutt accepted

It appears that the expected image was supposed to be of a dog, but the threshold was set too low to actually recognise it. Anyway, we got our flag and can move on.

Flag: govtech-csg{I_L0V3_G00D_D0GG0S!}

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