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Bugs that Address Sanitizer Does Not Detect

3 minute read

A lab for school required us to design 3 examples of memory bugs that are not detected by Address Sanitizer. I thought it was a pretty informative exercise s...

CVE-2016-10190 Detailed Writeup

30 minute read

FFmpeg is a popular free software project that develops libraries and programs for manipulating audio, video, and image data. The vulnerability exists in the...

Singapore Cyber Conquest 2017

less than 1 minute read

The NUS Greyhats played in the Singapore Cyber Conquest 2017 held at the GovWare 2017 conference as part of the Singapore International Cyber week. Two of ou...

Singapore Cyber Conquest 2017 - Web 3 (Web)

less than 1 minute read

Using the SQL injection vulnerability to write a PHP file to the disk and executing it with a local file inclusion vulnerability gives remote code execution.