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Cyberpeace 2022 - Crysys (Pwn)

5 minute read

Summary: A minimal binary with only the read libc function and containing a standard stack overflow can be exploited by leveraging a common add-what-where ga...

TetCTF 2022 - Newbie (Pwn)

5 minute read

Summary: An ELF binary contains functionality to generate a ‘hashed’ identifier from two bytes of memory at an offset specified by the user. This ‘hashed’ id...

TetCTF 2022 - EzFlag (Web/Pwn)

14 minute read

Summary: In this two part challenge, flawed filename logic allows an attacker to write arbitrary Python files that are executed as a CGI script. Once the att...

Sieberrsec 3.0 CTF (2021) - Malloc (Pwn)

3 minute read

Summary: Control of the size parameter to malloc and a subsequent lack of checking that the returned pointer is not 0 leads to an arbitrary null byte write t...