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STACK 2020 - IOT RSA Token (IOT)

1 minute read

Summary: An I2C trace of a probed 16x2 LCD screen is provided in which credentials containing a usernames, passwords, and a SecurID key can be extracted.

STACK 2020 - I Smell Updates (IOT)

2 minute read

Summary: An ARM crackme is transferred over Bluetooth. Extracting the binary allows us to apply angr to it to automatically find the flag.

STACK 2020 - FWO FWF (Misc)

1 minute read

Summary: Three different individual messages are encoded within HTML via their classes and their styled visibilities.

STACK 2020 - Emmel (Misc)

less than 1 minute read

Summary: Provide an image that satisfies an image classifier to obtain the flag.