Summary: Malformed IEEE 802.11 RSN tags within select beacon frames are used as a means of encoding hidden data.

Challenge description

The suspicious frequency monitoring alert!

We received an alert from our smart city’s frequency monitoring and noticed some anomalies. Figure out what is happening!

This challenge:
- Is eligible for Awesome Write-ups Award

We are provided with a PCAP file:

$ file iot-challenge-2.pcap
iot-challenge-2.pcap: pcap capture file, microsecond ts (little-endian) - version 2.4 (802.11 with radiotap header, capture length 262144)

The PCAP file contains IEEE 802.11 wireless packets.

Wireless packets

Checking the protocol hierarchy confirms that only wireless packets are contained within the capture.

Protocol hierarchy

Running aircrack on the PCAP file turns up two access points that require no encryption.

$ aircrack-ng iot-challenge-2.pcap
Opening iot-challenge-2.pcap
Read 14096 packets.

   #  BSSID              ESSID                     Encryption

   1  00:26:75:E0:EC:20  SINGTEL-EC1F              WPA (0 handshake)
   2  88:C3:97:60:FE:40  Blessed_r_u_5G_plus       WPA (0 handshake)
   3  A8:5E:45:F0:19:E8                            WPA (0 handshake)
   4  88:1F:A1:39:E7:0E  Zodiac                    WPA (0 handshake)
   5  76:4F:57:92:0D:F6  sabrelab_Guest            No data - WEP or WPA
   6  74:DA:88:D5:20:97  TP-Link_2098_             No data - WEP or WPA
   7  4C:1B:86:73:2F:AC  SINGTEL-2FAC              WPA (0 handshake)
   8  70:4F:57:92:0D:F6  sabrelab                  WPA (0 handshake)
   9  7A:4F:57:92:0D:F6                            No data - WEP or WPA
  10  D8:0D:17:B4:1B:C4                            WPA (0 handshake)
  11  30:23:03:41:23:A7  Linksys14325              No data - WEP or WPA
  12  D0:05:2A:77:38:22  SINGTEL-3820              WPA (0 handshake)
  13  74:DA:88:92:0D:4B  TP-Link_1491_             None (
  14  DE:0D:17:B4:1B:C4  Rahman                    WPA (0 handshake)
  15  24:F5:A2:42:B6:39  Maillot                   No data - WEP or WPA
  16  BC:30:D9:75:3C:46  SINGTEL-3C46              No data - WEP or WPA
  17  D4:63:FE:BA:C8:C1  SINGTEL-C8BF              WPA (0 handshake)
  18  D0:03:4B:D8:2D:F1                            Unknown
  19  1A:59:C0:56:FE:AD  ORBI22                    No data - WEP or WPA
  20  D0:03:4B:D8:2D:F0                            Unknown
  21  F0:D1:A9:12:69:B2  Zodiac                    No data - WEP or WPA
  22  48:8D:36:97:FF:EB                            Unknown
  23  E0:51:63:9C:BB:5E  SINGTEL-BB5E              No data - WEP or WPA
  24  1E:59:C0:56:FE:AD                            No data - WEP or WPA
  25  26:F5:A2:42:B6:39  Maillot-invité           None (

We can search for packets with the source address of 74:DA:88:92:0D:4B (TP-Link_1491_) using the following filter: == 74:DA:88:92:0D:4B

This turns up a small number of beacon frames.

Filtered beacon frames

Checking the packets reveals that the packets contain malformed RSN tags with some interestingly formatted data.

Malformed RSN tags

Collecting all of the unique fragments yields:


Putting the fragments together and decoding it as base64 gives us the flag:

echo Z292dGVjaC1jc2d7SW9UX1dpRmlfRXhmaWx0cmF0aW9OIX0= | base64 -d

Flag: govtech-csg{IoT_WiFi_ExfiltratioN!}

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