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CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Web300

1 minute read

In this challenge, an image divided into blocks has its blocks scrambled not unlike a sliding block puzzle ( The...

CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Web200

less than 1 minute read

In this puzzle, you had to evaluate an equation encoded in base64 in an array structure consisting of values and operands hidden in a custom header. The obje... CTF 2012 - Big Zombie Business

1 minute read

It’s a disaster! Not only that these useless piles of rotten meat obfuscate all their stupid code, they have also lost our precious root password, or “Flag” ... CTF 2012 - Zombie AV

3 minute read

Some people try to fight the zombie apocalypse by selling pseudo antidote. We need the secret formula in config.php to destroy their snake oil business…