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Recent Posts CTF 2012 - Big Zombie Business

1 minute read

It’s a disaster! Not only that these useless piles of rotten meat obfuscate all their stupid code, they have also lost our precious root password, or “Flag” ... CTF 2012 - Zombie AV

3 minute read

Some people try to fight the zombie apocalypse by selling pseudo antidote. We need the secret formula in config.php to destroy their snake oil business… CTF 2012 - Mini Zombie Business

1 minute read

As time passes by and the zombie apocalypse seems to stay for a while businesses have to adapt to survive. Food store chains offer brains and biscuits for th...

Hack You CTF 2012 Writeups

less than 1 minute read

The CTF was really enjoyable. Really great casual atmosphere to it. Too bad we only really caught the last couple of days. Really looking forward to the next...

Hack You CTF 2012 - Pentagon (WEB100)

3 minute read

Note: images and files are missing in this blogpost. To solve the puzzle, we had to obtain the password to a ‘Pentagon’ site relying on Javascript authentica...