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CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Exploit 200

less than 1 minute read

This binary is vulnerable to a buffer overflow in the strncpy function called in the main function with user supplied input. It takes in two arguments, argum...

CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Exploit 100

less than 1 minute read

This was more of a reversing puzzle than an exploitation one. The binary accepts a parameter as a password. It checks if the password is correct and cats the...

CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Web300

1 minute read

In this challenge, an image divided into blocks has its blocks scrambled not unlike a sliding block puzzle ( The...

CSCAMP CTF 2012 - Web200

less than 1 minute read

In this puzzle, you had to evaluate an equation encoded in base64 in an array structure consisting of values and operands hidden in a custom header. The obje...