TKBCTF 4 - args

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Second javascript challenge for the CTF. Similar in concept to the previous javascript challenge, rand, you are given a Sandboxed node.js REPL to play with.

This one we did not manage to solve in time. It was a duh! moment when akiym mentioned arguments.callee on the IRC. Stupidly assuming that the callee was the currently executing function (i.e. our overwritten function) we did not think to examine it closer.

Lesson learnt!

Okay, so when connecting to the service, we get the following code:

$ nc 24089
var g = (function () {

  function f (flg /* args[]... */) {
    this.args = arguments;
    if (flg) {
      return FLAG;
    } else {
      return, 1).join(', ');

  return f.bind(null, false);

// Good luck!

It looks like we need to call the function assigned to ‘g’ with the first argument set to true so that the flag will be printed. However, the caveat here is that the function is always called with the value of false prepended.

This is due to the function binding here:

  return f.bind(null, false);

So what we need is to call the function without that bound context. What we need to do first is to obtain a reference to arguments.

args> var gl
args> = function(i,v) {gl=i;return[]}
function (i,v) {gl=i;return[]}
args> g("")
args> gl
[object Arguments]

With this reference, we can proceed to call the function with our own values (i.e. true).

args> gl
[object Arguments]
args> gl.callee(true)

Flag: FLAG{3d2dba5b774814fa8fe87798898b7b30}

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