Hack You CTF 2012 - HugeCaptcha (PPC100)

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PPC100 is a puzzle that requires some degree of scripting. To obtain the flag, we have to add up the two large numbers given and submit the result through POST within an extremely short time limit.

The exploit is as follows (solve_ppc100.py):

import requests, re

p1 = re.compile("(d+) + (d+)")
p2 = re.compile("name='trueanswer' value='(w+)'")
r = requests.get("http://misteryou.ru/ppc100/")

res1 = p1.search(r.text)
n1 = res1.group(1)
n2 = res1.group(2)
ans = int(n1) + int(n2)

res2 = p2.search(r.text)
ta = res2.group(1)

payload = {'captchatype': 'hugecaptcha', 'trueanswer': ta, 'answer': str(ans)}
r2 = requests.post("http://misteryou.ru/ppc100/", data=payload)

p3 = re.compile("(d{7})")
secret = "".join(chr(int(i,2)) for i in p3.findall(r2.text))

print secret

Executing the python script:

amon@Alyx:~/hackyou/ppc100$ python solve_ppc100.py

Flag: killallhumans

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