Hack.lu CTF 2012 - Mini Zombie Business

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As time passes by and the zombie apocalypse seems to stay for a while businesses have to adapt to survive. Food store chains offer brains and biscuits for their limping customers and fox on Fire seems to be a all-time-zombie-favourite, too. Since a lot of zombies have a broad band connection businesses strive to get online stores back up again. It’s just that webdesign seems to be quite hard for zombie employees. They obfuscate all their code (god knows why).

Here is an example of a miserable attempt to create a working website.

If we look at the source, we can see that there is a custom data attribute in a form tag (data-a) that contains encrypted data which we can assume is decrypted by the obfuscated javascript.

It is interesting to note that opening the site in Chrome yields errors from running the javascript so we have to use Firefox (‘fox on Fire’, lol) to run the code successfully.

After the code is run, it writes data to the div tag in the data-a attribute which creates the function dafuq. It’s then trivial to see that the function spawns a prompt that takes the string ‘tasty brainz’ and then prints the flag tasty_humans_all_day_erry_day. The function can be called by clicking on the image.

Flag: tasty_humans_all_day_erry_day

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