CSCAMP CTF 2014 - 7amama Book (Web)

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Insecure direct object reference allows changing of password of another user.

Challenge Description




7amamaBook is a social media website where people can sign up and share with
each other. It has a bug bounty program and you found a bug and reported it but
they refuse to pay you so you want to give them a payback by hacking it.


Quite a tricky challenge with the CSRF decoy :P

Of course, since the challenge description mentions that you submitted a bug bounty report but they didn’t accept it and they do mention it on their site as well, looks like it wouldn’t be a CSRF vulnerability.

On visiting the site we are faced with:

So we sign up for an account:

Now in our account, we can see that there are links to the founders. Let’s take a look at Zuckerberg:

And look, there’s a private post! Of course we gotta read the private post!

So, let’s update our account. Which lets us specify the username, by the way :D. So we just fill in Zuckerberg’s account name and change the password to something we know.

Relogging in…

And hooray, we get to read the post:

We try that weird string in our challenge submission box and it gets accepted! Great, 300 points!

Flag: askdhakjsdas

Note: there are missing images in this post.

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